Why Do Casinos Serve Free Alcohol, and How Does It Affect the Game?

To a regular player who is naive enough to believe the casinos will always let the player win, casinos offering a free drink seem like a benevolent gesture that is full of kindness and consideration. They want you to have a good time and revel in your gaming experience, right? They certainly mean no harm and expect the players to have an entertaining gaming session that will last all the way through the night. However, the reality of consuming free drinks at physical casinos is not that simple and features some very questionable tactics and strategies. 

Those who have already found the best online casino real money promotions and bonus offers at South African casinos may not know that leading casinos around the world casually offer drinks to customers as a way to build loyalty to the casino and make players less alert. This is not a shady practice that can only be found at lesser-known casino establishments. It is a thought-out. Analytical strategy is meant to entice the players and make them question their own decisions throughout the game, no matter how unethical or cynical that may sound to a regular player.

You may be wondering about the ethical side of alcohol consumption at a land-based casino. The casino owners in favor of free drinks and beverages may argue that the casino players in South Africa already expect the drinks to be served once they enter the casino, so the establishment merely goes along with the player’s wishes and provides them with the necessary amenities and comforts. 

Another argument in favor of free alcoholic drinks is the fact that the patrons entering the casino are consenting adults, and the casinos are not their guardians. Following this logic, the players should take full responsibility for their actions, just like they do when they read a Zar Casino review and decide whether they want to sign up at the casino of their own free will. But what compels land-based casinos to offer free drinks in the first place? We have tried to shed light on the issue below and give a rational explanation of why the casinos might actually benefit from you getting tipsy.

The Real Reasons Casinos Serve Free Alcohol 

The purpose of any casino, no matter how big or small, is to separate the players from their money as painlessly as possible and make you stay at the casino for hours on end. However, this strategy does not work on people who are not risk-takers naturally. Some of us are more reserved than others and will think twice before playing any table games at physical casinos. We don’t bet as much as the casino wants us to, and we are very observant when it comes to monitoring other people’s moves. Obviously, this doesn’t sit well with most offline casinos. They need to reduce your inhibitions and increase your bet size, and there is no better way to achieve this than by manipulating you through alcohol.

You should also know that those Margarita cocktails you ordered for free are not, in fact, completely free of charge. You have already paid for them the second you started placing bets. No casino will operate out of the kindness of their heart. They know that even the most reserved players will let loose when getting inebriated, and they use this to influence the human psyche. Although one can argue the ethical considerations of physical casinos serving the drinks consistently, there will be no use denying that this strategy works like a clock. 

How Alcohol Lowers Your Inhibitions 

Once you start imbibing, it is easy to get carried away and take more risks. Taking risks at a land-based casino is the equivalent of placing very high bets, and since you cannot always be lucky, the casino establishment is always in the win. Interestingly, there have been legal complaints from players trying to sue the casino for encouraging their drinking and gambling addiction. However, the jury declared that all casino patrons over the age of 18 are responsible adults who need to control their gaming urges without the casinos chaperoning them for good behavior. 

However, you should also remember that you will only be served if you are actively gambling. Those who are simply watching the game and acting as bystanders egging other people on are not allowed to have free beverages from the casino. Everything changes when you decide to try your luck at the casino table. Another curious fact about alcohol consumption at the casinos is the selectiveness and seeming randomness of waitresses serving specific patrons. The casino will wait for some time before they serve the patrons playing the traditional slot machines, as they want them to be properly frustrated before they drink. Table game players, on the other hand, will be served almost at once, as the casino owners want your decision-making skills to be affected at once.

Once you start drinking, gambling sessions become longer and more carefree. You are no longer able to calculate your moves or watch other players like you did before. In other words, alcoholic beverages have the capacity to make you less focused, lowering your ability to devise the best strategy for the game. You become reckless, paying little attention to the game’s odds. This is also the moment you begin chasing losses. 

If the casinos continue to serve customers past their limits, this may not be the best look for the casino, and some questions may arise about the casino’s reputation as a reliable establishment. Still, it would be pointless to argue that such a scheme is indeed effective and can only bring profits to the casino owners who think of their business as a way of making people part with their money: the second you start drinking and lose the ability to think logically and coherently, it is easier to convince yourself that you need to play longer, place enormous bets, and take risks for the sake of winning.