Sustainability in the Casino and Gaming Industry

While most South African gamblers prefer to play at online casino sites like Europa Casino, the rest of the players don’t mind using the perks of land-based casino establishments. However, the glamorous life of casino patrons is now undergoing an evolution. Global casinos and major casino establishments in South Africa have expressed concern about ecological sustainability. 

However, it will take some time to change history. We are used to viewing casinos as the hotspots of glamor and shining wins. At first glance, there is no chance a casino can become a place that cares about the preservation of the environment, the greener future, and eco-friendly changes.

So, how can casino establishments become the center of responsible gambling? The shift is already on its way, and we are not only talking about reducing carbon emissions or following the regulations of the eco-friendly committee. This is about completely revolutionizing the essence of the gambling industry and becoming more aware of the environmental issues along the way. If you are on board with the changes, let’s take a look at various methods that can help the casinos achieve the much-desired sustainability.

Educating Casino Investors

Gambling businesses such as Lucky Dreams Casino are always concerned about the effectiveness of sustainability practices that they implement in the iGaming sphere. The same goes for physical casinos in South Africa that feel the need to educate their stakeholders and raise awareness about the environmental issues. 

Green gaming methods like reducing carbon footprint, investing in renewable energy sources, and implementing energy-efficient practices are not going to work unless the casino holders organize a targeted educational campaign. The stakeholders at physical casinos should know why the casinos need to adopt an environmentally friendly approach and how they will benefit from such practices. If the casino owners know that consistent commitment to renewable energy sources will result in more customers coming in, they will be more open to adopting these methods and promoting awareness.

Using Renewable Energy 

You cannot get around the fact that all casinos consume power like crazy. Take the neon capital of the world, Las Vegas, or the casinos in Johannesburg. The standard casino hotel in these cities uses a minimum of 400 million megawatts every year, with the monthly electricity bills reaching $100,000. And that’s not even the biggest Las Vegas casino hotel like the Bellagio or Caesars Palace or the Montecasino and Emperors Palace in Johannesburg. There are more than 6,000 electricity generators in and around the city of Las Vegas, which makes it almost impossible to believe the statistics: the city of Vegas consumes more energy than it produces.

This is especially true for casino businesses that want their customer flow to be maintained 24/7. With such a level of energy consumption, the renewable energy sources used at the casino centers are a must. Instead of gaining electricity through the use of fossil fuels, solar power can be utilized daily. With experts suggesting that the cities of Vegas and Johannesburg can harness the power of the sun, we are convinced that the casino's sustainability can be achieved rather easily. Another approach that will work for land-based casinos is installing solar panels, effective insulation, and LED lighting to make the casinos shine through the night without using all of the energy that cannot be renewed.

Conserving Water 

A South African gambler has no idea how much water land-based casinos require on a daily basis. Whereas a mobile casino South Africa allows you to gamble without leaving home and use your own resources in the process, the same is not true for South African casinos with patrons. This is especially relevant for casino hotels that also offer room service and dining options to players. Can you imagine how many people visit these casino hotels on a daily basis and how much water is needed to supply all of them at the same time? If the casino holders have little consideration for the casino’s sustainability, they will receive a wake-up call from the local environmental activists, and the public voice is not going to be in their favor. 

What is the best solution? Water-efficient fixtures and modern appliances in the casino’s bathroom. The running water will turn off automatically if you are not using it for 30 seconds to avoid excessive water consumption. The water that you use for washing your hands is recycled and put in the dishwasher. This way, the casino hotels can show an example of being sustainable without wasting water resources.

Committing to Green Practices 

If a casino has a certain reputation when it comes to leaving a carbon footprint, we have a possible solution. Committing to the green cause can convince the public that you are ready to be the voice of reason and contribute to the society rather than waste endlessly and with little regard to how it might affect the environment. 

For instance, a casino may implement certain initiatives that will look appealing to the green cause - like a promise to plant three hundred trees or donate money to the organization that protects wildlife. There have been examples of land-based casinos giving a percentage of their income to people who are protecting the ocean and waterways for future generations. If you show that you believe in a good cause, you will earn a reputation as a casino owner who cares about sustainability and is always responsible.

Cooperating with Green Agencies

The easiest way to become more environmentally friendly and conscious is to partner up with environmentally friendly agencies. Companies like Energy Star and WaterSense can offer their services on water conservation and recycling, which is a good alternative to dumping waste outside the casino and hoping that your opponents do the same. Not only is it good publicity for the casino owners in South Africa, but it will also convince the investors that your customers will be exposed to reliable collaborations. They will also know that you have experience in managing issues that are related to the protection of the environment.