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Transferring South African gamblers into a unique atmosphere with thriving excitement and dynamics, a world-famous live dealer game never ceases to delight with introducing new features and improvements to traditional ones. Choosing the Wheel of Fortune casino to try your luck, conquer a betting game, and hit jackpots.


Developed by an authoritative online casino software provider, BetGames, and inspired by everyone's favorite TV show, the live dealer game Wheel of Fortune is gaining popularity in South Africa. With various advantages, this gaming game delights with a unique atmosphere, expanding players' horizons through thinking through strategies and offering many other ways to pump yourself. 

More and more gamblers surf the Internet to find the best online casino Wheel of Fortune sites, where excitement increases with each spin.

What is Wheel of Fortune?

As one of the best live casino TV games of its kind, online Wheel of Fortune is imbued with excitement and secrets, taking punters into the atmosphere of a well-known TV show with millions of fans. Its modus operandi consists of fixed-odds betting. Just guess the number, even/odd, or color that will fall out and grab your prize.

The Main Rules

The absence of complex instructions and requirements opens the door to trouble-free playing the Wheel of Fortune and exploring all the features and highlights. Starting with gaining gambling experience from the first tests, players can quickly understand the gameplay of this live roulette, developing powerful strategies and receiving additional prizes.

Gameplay Mechanics 

Split into numbered sections of three different colors, the spinner prize wheel is your door to a storm of bright emotions and impressive winnings. The presenter spins it first clockwise and then counterclockwise. 

The wheel has red, black, and gray parts with 1-18 numbers of six sections each, while the 19th one presents a special symbol as a cup with a star. The gamblers of Wheel of Fortune casino games aim to predict what number, color, odd, and even will fall out after the clapper stops.

Betting and Payouts

Different from other live roulette games, online gambling Wheel of Fortune offers a variety of betting options centered around the following elements:

  • numbers (1-18);
  • colors (red, black, and gray);
  • evens and odds.

The value of winnings varies from 2 to 6 percent depending on each new round with the highest x18 payout. At the same time, a jackpot is hidden behind a special symbol with a cup with a star, which will lead punters to prestigious rewards.

Advantages of the Game

Making gamblers hold their breath while playing online Wheel of Fortune in South Africa, the game pleases with various benefits, increasing the number of fans and dynamic offers.

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Simplicity and Accessibility

Inspired by the legendary TV show, the live broadcast, the game has become a decoration of the diverse online casino sites with different options. Without requiring additional efforts to understand the rules, combined with mobile compatibility and other advantages, it allows gamblers from South Africa and other regions to try to catch their luck by the tail and start gaining experience immediately after launch.

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Exciting Prize Opportunities

With a return percentage of 96%, the game offers a range of gifts and offers, starting with a sign-up bonus and accompanying players through different levels. The use of special events and special prizes on the online Wheel of Fortune sites will fill your time with new opportunities, causing a storm of emotions. Combined with a unique atmosphere and hidden highlights, prestigious prizes attract more and more gamblers, becoming additional motivation and fueling interest in the game.

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Social Interaction

The opportunity to contact a live dealer adds a lot of bright colors to the gambling industry. Breathing fresh air in the habitual way of gaming games, this feature opens new pathways, plunging players into the unforgettable atmosphere of land-based casinos. Studying the gaming experience of other players in real-time also has benefits, allowing gamblers to develop a strategy based on observations. With high-tech opportunities for interaction and live communication, such casino games go with the times, combining innovation with tradition.

How We Rate the Wheel of Fortune Casino

While searching for the best casinos to enjoy your favorite games, paying attention to the various elements to confirm the reliability and avoid fraud and other possible problems is essential.

Forming a list of top online Wheel of Fortune sites requires confirmation of their legitimacy and monitoring of compliance with quality standards. The latter includes exploring the registration process, advantages and drawbacks, bonus system, payment options, wagering requirements, and other integral components.

Winning Tactics

Although it is not difficult to figure out how to play Wheel of Fortune online and adhere to primary rules, a variety of approaches can be used. Gamblers can take a deeper dive into developing ways to achieve success in the game, combining pleasure with pleasant monetary rewards.

  • Bankroll Management
    This point occupies the highest position in the list of rules to adhere to, divided into several highlights. The starting point is setting a budget, the deprivation of which will not harm your financial situation.Track your results with subsequent analysis and adjust strategies based on the results. Even if the first tests are unsuccessful, take your time to conclusions and try again, tracking patterns. Adjusting unit size while playing the Wheel of Fortune online is an equally weighty tactic, speeding up progress or providing protection.
  • Understanding Odds and Probabilities
    There are various ways to apply the highlighted strategy, where the definition of winning probability is paramount. The latter is achieved by evaluating the successful outcomes and diving against the total outcome number. It is also worth adjusting the rates based on your estimates of odds and probabilities.Take the game Wheel of Fortune online real money and the experience of other players as a basis for developing your tactics and analyzing the success of their decisions. It will help avoid several pitfalls and correct actions in a timely manner.
  • Betting Strategies
    Multiple betting solutions can be used during Wheel of Fortune online casino games for South African gamblers with different goals and characters. One of the most common tactics is sticking to 50/50 bets and related to them. An odd/even and over/under-10 betting strategy with a dash of luck will lead players to successful results. You can also combine odds. Add a small bet on a single number to your 50/50 betting tactic.Diverse betting systems are also worth mentioning, offering numerous benefits and opportunities. Promising Martingale, Fibonacci, D'Alembert, and Paroli betting systems are widely used in roulette games, helping to make gamblers' choices more accurate.

Main Mistakes to Avoid

Difficulties and failures are inevitable for beginners and experienced masters, especially when it comes to gaming games. The latter determines the importance of deep immersion in studying the Wheel of Fortune online gambling real money gameplay and features with the subsequent development of approaches. 

Considering all the details of the game and the experience of others will allow players to formulate a promising strategy, learn from other people's mistakes, and listen to valuable recommendations.

Overextending Your Budget

Although betting too large sums seems like a tempting strategy leading to impressive winnings, it often entails different problems, many even beyond gaming. Causing, first of all, damage to your finances, overextending your budget contributes to the following negative shifts:

  • stress and other emotional issues;
  • lack of rationality;
  • inability to control your game;
  • risk of addiction;
  • and other potential problems.

Adhering to the principles of responsible gambling, setting limits and breaks, bankroll management, and other solutions will help cope with budget overextending.

Ignoring Odds and Probabilities

Lack of odds and probabilities awareness can lead to risks and defeats. On the contrary, considering them is a beneficial decision, allowing players to identify value bets, be guided only by rationality when making decisions, get rid of illusions, manage the bankroll, and so on.

Understanding odds and probabilities takes up the lion's share of strategy development, adding to the list of winners at Wheel of Fortune online casinos of South Africa.

Chasing Losses

Impulsive attempts to return lost funds will also not lead to anything good. Even if several attempts are successful, this does not mean that luck will continue to accompany you. Avoid uncontrolled increasing bets and wagers in any gaming game. It will protect you from emotional problems, financial risks, gambling fallacies, and other unpleasant consequences.

Remember that self-control is above all. Add breaks to gaming sessions, shift the emphasis to pleasant emotions from spending time, do not go beyond the established budget, and have fun.

Future Trends in Wheel of Fortune Games

In the era of the triumph of progress and the widespread introduction of high-tech solutions, many areas of life have changed. And the gambling industry is not beyond these tendencies. The new features will allow you to look at gaming games from a different angle and play Wheel of Fortune with unprecedented interest and a storm of vivid emotions.

Technological Advancements

Many technological developments find applications in gaming games, divided into various categories. Compatibility with multiple devices made it possible to make bets anytime, anywhere. Another advantage of introducing technology is adaptability to specific punter based on their needs and goals.

Integrating several types of artificial intelligence and improving its functions is also gaining momentum, optimizing numerous processes. In addition, the list of technological advancements includes various social interaction features and the development of virtual and augmented realities without ceasing to replenish gambling with unseen opportunities.

Emerging Game Features

The birth of new Wheel of Fortune features helps attract more and more punters, revolutionizing the gambling industry. 

The emergence of VR casinos will fundamentally change the perception of various games, facilitating deeper immersion in the atmosphere and greatly enhancing the live dealer feature. Moreover, expanding interaction options is also not far off.

Adding cryptocurrencies to payment methods is another leading trend, providing many advantages, including increased security, faster transactions, etc.

The turning point can be a shift in focus from unpredictability and luck to the quality of skills and strategies. The latter will make expanding the knowledge base and honing gambling abilities a direct path to cherished winnings.

Evolving Gameplay Experiences

One way to improve Wheel of Fortune gameplay is implementing various interaction options, such as the ability to control through physical actions and gestures. Making bets with AI players also arouses interest, fueling the spirit of competition and corresponding to today's realities.

In addition to introducing artificial intelligence, expanding opportunities for communication with other players will help achieve the latter. It may include new options in live chat, special events, improved sharing of your progress through a specially designed leaderboard, and many other highlights.


With a range of advantages, from simple rules to amazing prizes, the Wheel of Fortune online game is becoming a favorite of more and more players from South Africa and other countries. Having understood the mechanics and specifics, taken care of selecting trusted casinos, and stocked up on luck, start thinking through winning strategies and enjoy the accompanying gifts.

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